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I Found Nicky Broekhuysen's Name

November 9, 2016

Nikki Breukhuysen. No wait, Niki Breukheysen. Breukheusen?


Finally, I found her. Nicky Broekhuysen. It only took me about 23 tries with Google, but I found her. I can breathe now. I think there are artists and designers that when you meet them and they tell you about their work, it just sticks with you. Like a slab of chocolate in the roof of your mouth, you savor the experience. Your mind can't un-see the spectacular.

I saw her work and met her at Abu Dhabi Art in 2012 and that experience has never left me. It's the kind of work on paper that when you look at it, you think to yourself, wow, I wish I would have thought of that first. But even if I had thought of it first, her results are uniquely mind-numbing. In the series that she showcased at that event - now brace yourselves - she handstamps 1's and 0's in ink one number at a time.

The two stamps she works with are smaller than an eraser head. The 1's and 0's do not overlap each other, so in the darkest areas on the paper, they are very close together. Like I said, mind-numbing.

Is it monoprint? Is it pointillism? Is it some other form of printmaking? Whatever it is, I am inwardly jealous. This kind of work takes time, patience and a certain degree of isolation. I have the patience, but time and isolation are no where in site. It's indulgent on many levels. The result is a finely curated series of works with little room for waste. Big sigh.

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